We are a direct importers of all ILC products to South Africa. Since 1975, ILC has been one of the leading manufacturers of components and equipment for centralised lubrication. Founded in 1975 by Marco Morelli, ILC achieved a worldwide leading position in a short time in the sector related to components for centralised lubrication.


Resistive Lubrication


ILC-Resistive Lubrication Systems

Less complicated, cheaper and easier to install than any other systems. The single line Resistance System facilitates the supply of small doses of oil by mean of Metering Units. Both electric and manual pumps are available to ensure a discharge of up to 200 cc/ minute via range of Metering Units. Oil dosage is proportional to the pump pressure and oil viscosity.

Progressive Lubrication

ILC-Progressive Lubrication Systems


The progressive lubrication systems allow oil or greas (up to NLGI 2) distribution to lubricate the friction points of the machines. The divider blocks of between 3 and 24 outlets guarantee a correct discharge for each point. The system is easy to control and can be monitored by and electrical switch on the main divider.



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